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Return CGI Library

These are provided by the server software we use. As such they are of limited portability (NCSA and APACHE servers at least). However they run fast and are easy to use. :-)

Simply include the following text in your page where you want the variable to appear:

<!--#echo var="Variable-name" -->

Here is the list of currently supported variables:

    The name of the current file.
    For example, this document is variables.html.

    The virtual path to the file. (Trailing part of the URL)
    For example, this URL ends with /gadgets/variables.html.

    The current time, expressed in the local timezone.
    For example, it is currently Saturday, 22-Jun-2024 22:47:21 PDT.

    The current time expressed in Greenwich Mean Time.
    For example, at Greenwich it is currently Sunday, 23-Jun-2024 05:47:21 GMT.

    The last modification date of the current document.
    For example, this document was last modified Thursday, 28-May-2015 16:14:52 PDT.

    The IP address of the visitor requesting the page.
    example: Your IP address seems to be:

    The page that contained the link the visitor clicked on to get to the current page. e.g. the "refering" page.
    Your came from this page: (none)

  • other variables
    There are other variables available, to see what is available try putting the following HTML in your page: <PRE><!--#printenv --></PRE>

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