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[Rotating computer]

We have built a special purpose script for animating images. It starts with the script name followed by a question mark, and the base part of the image name and the path to it as a parameter, and optionally the number of times to repeat the animation. In short, this looks like:

<img src="/cgi-bin/nph-spush?<URL path>rot.gif:10" />

e.g. for virtual servers:
<img src="/cgi-bin/nph-spush?/images/rot.gif:10" />

for ~userid accounts:
<img src="/cgi-bin/nph-spush?~yourid/images/rot.gif:10" />

This will display the series of images 01rot.gif, 02rot.gif,... up to 99rot.gif (max) one after another and cycle through the complete sequence 10 times. For a never ending display you can set the count to zero. (The default is 1)

You may pause between images by adding another : and the delay in seconds to the end of the URL. The following example will run through the sequence of images once (the default) and pause 1 second between images.

<img src="/cgi-bin/nph-spush?~yourid/images/rot.gif::1" />

Notes: The script figures out how many images you have. The animation can be a little jerky due the quirks of communication delays and server loading. The ~yourid/images/rot.gif pathname corresponds to an images subdirectory of your pubhtml directory.

This Server Side Push animation works with Netscape but not Microsoft Explorer

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