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Return CGI Library

This gadget expects to receive the input from a form with the fields NAME, FROM, and COMMENT (and perhaps a BM_captcha field). It also expects the document containing the form to have a line in it that STARTS with <!AFTER> or <!BEFORE>. The contents of the NAME, FROM and COMMENT fields will be inserted with a little HTML AFTER or BEFORE that line respectively. (This produces a list with the most recent entries first or last respectively.) (note: The variables, and the AFTER/BEFORE tag are case sensitive.)

Note: The guestbook gadget does not work with default directory index pages. This includes index.html, index.htm, default.html, default.htm etc. (any file that is set to load as an index without calling the actual file name in the url). Otherwise the gadget will not be able to find the file to update and will produce an error.

Features include CAPTCHA protection, filtering the input characters so that anonymous web surfers can't leave images, links, and general HTML in your guestbook. It also requests that the viewer fill in all three fields :-(, this is due in part to the nature of the redirect that is built into it. It becomes very easy to submit a blank entry.

The CAPTCHA logic is "optional", If you don't include it in your form, the gadget will display a 2nd page with the captcha (and hidden fields to remember the name/from/comment values). This is the same captcha functionality used in the mail2 gadget.

Here is a very simple example:

<form action="/cgi-bin/guestbook" method="post">
       Who are you: <input type="text" name="NAME" />
Where are you from: <input type="text" name="FROM"  />
What would you like to say:
<textarea name="COMMENT" cols="30" rows="5" >

Please enter the three letters
from the image below:       <input name="BM_captcha" size=5>

<input type="submit" value="Leave your comments" size="40" />
<IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/captcha">


               Who are you: 
        Where are you from: 
What would you like to say: 

Please enter the three letters
from the image below:       


[an error occurred while processing this directive]

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