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Return CGI Library

This gadget allows you to count and display the number of times that a page has been accessed.

Add the following text to your page where you want the access count to appear:

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/counter"-->

For example: this page has been accessed 52218 times.

There are a couple of variations:


  • Prints out the number of accessess.


  • Prints out the number of accessess with an ordinal suffix. (e.g."st", "nd", "rd", ...) For example: Yours is the access of this page.

/cgi-bin/counter-nc and /cgi-bin/counter-ord-nc

  • These are the same as the previous definitions, but do not increment the page count. This is useful for putting the page counter in several places on one page. Note that the last reference (on the page) should not have the -nc suffix or the access won't be counted.


  • This will track hits to your page, but does not display the count to your readers. To see the access count of your pages use the -nd function you have to view the hit counters found in the /sec-bin/ part of your website.

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